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Straight Street

by Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead

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sajlmj Blessings !! Keep up the good work . I was on a rough path around 15 years ago and came across the song shake down and that put me on a different path and spoke to my life . Now im going into full time ministry with The T.S.A . Thankyou .
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"Nuthin' But The Blood" by Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead "Straight Street" EP http://www.mynistamusic.com (Chorus) I wanna' sing about The Blood umma' sing about it, and I will never let nobody ever talk me out it. Nuthin but The Blood, The Blood, The Blood, Blood, Nuthin' but The Blood, The Blood, The Blood Of Jesus! (2x) (Verse 1) I plead The Blood it's like I'm coated with some red off, it purges me from every plotting of the dead's boss. It keep's and guards my mind, when I lay, and when I rise, It prevents deceptions, opens up my spirit eyes. It covers and protects, from them flaming projectiles, every dart my enemy arches I'm safe and sound. The Blood of Jesus is alive it's full of life and grace, perfecting everything about me, working everyday. And everything in me, in He it re-conciliates, my family is privileged, we got His DNA. In every way, in everything, according to His will, we're like a secret society, got the same seal. My Daddy is the Judge, Brother handles my defense, it aint fair when the accuser approaches the bench. I keep a smile up on my face because i know it's grace, I did them things, but somehow they went missing from my case! (Chorus) (Verse 2) I throw the umbrella up over my wife and my kids, it's big and red and got us flying like Mary Poppins. we're soaked up underneath it, we have our own atmosphere, and we aint never gotta worry 'bout no lack in here. We keep it happy here, ha-ha-ha we're laughing here, but that don't mean that we aint never been attacked in here. We put our faith off in His Blood I said "Baby be strong", He's gonna come through for us you keep your expector on. It won't be long we're speaking Word like it's some vitamin, we're giving like we're living in the Book of Acts again. Our motive right, our heart pure, plus we're swimming clear from the world and devil's lure. We keep our confidence, we know in who we have believed, It is written that the man who waivers can't receive. That's why I don't be singing 'bout that stuff that don't mean nuthin', His Blood is Love, and without Love people we profit nuthin'. (Bridge) God is on my side, The Blood has been applied, every need shall be supplied, and nothing denied, so I enter into rest cause I'm blessed NOW... gonna get God's best I passed the test NOW, hey!!! (2x) (Chorus END) © Warria Records 2009
We Go Live! 03:40
My Song 03:54
Hey Homie 04:37



MYNISTA a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead welcomes you to "STRAIGHT STREET". The title of his latest release is named for a place where the Spirit of God speaks, the Word of God encourages, the beats bang, and the sharp, original delivery of this messenger pops! In the book of Acts, one of Jesus' disciples named Anannais was sent to a street called Straight in the city of Damascus. He went there in order to lay hands on a blind man named Saul so that he would receive his sight back. In that moment, Saul not only had his physical sight restored, but he also received spiritual sight when he was filled with the Holy Ghost. Saul would later become the Apostle Paul who would go on to accomplish extraordinary things for the Kingdom of God. That same level of ministry is still available to us today! Welcome to a place where blinded eyes are opened, where light overtakes darkness, and where nothing is impossible...welcome to "STRAIGHT STREET".


released January 6, 2009

Written and performed by Mynista for Warria Records. Produced by B. Smif for Warria Records (Except "Nuthin' But The Blood: Produced by Rio a.k.a. Kuntryy Boy and B. Smif). Mastered by John Scrip for Massive Mastering.


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Jesus glorifying, Word & Holy Ghost filled, prophetic rap music.

FKAK! [For King And Kingdom!]

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