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The Office [Free Download]

by Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead

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Welcome 02:02
Pow! 03:44
(Chorus) (Pow!) Abundant life in spirit, (Pow!) Abundant life in soul, (Pow!) Abundant life in body, Jesus Christ He makes you whole. Brand new, sound mind, no fear, strong frame... POWER was displayed when He came up out that grave like (POW!) (2x) (Verse One) Power is working right now, all in yo bones, all in yo thigh, over two thousand years ago it was done, Jesus healed your eye. He finished it, we got benefits, rescued us from destruction, the pit, He died we died in Him He rose, we rose yes He made us sit! Sin and satan made us sick, but in Christ we're God's righteousness, Healed by His stripes, now your immune system works right. White blood cells, yes they now are working well, getting rid of everything that had your body in pain. Power in the Name now shout that thing, Jesus, yes you out He brings, Power hit that tumor now that tumor gettin out that brain. Yeah yeah He's still the same, did it one time He'll do it again, woman with the issue, man on the cot, blind Bartimaeus sight he got. They believed in Christ The Healer, they pressed on through some crowds, Their faith it made em whole that's how we receive the pow... They believed in Christ The Healer, they pressed on through some crowds, Their faith it made em whole that's how we receive the POW! (Chorus) (Verse Two) Go, go cover the globe, dispense His word like you blow snow, shake yo self like a snow globe, stir the gift up speak up bold, He touched yo lips with fire hot coal, you aint too young, you aint too old, His word won't come back void, naw, no. Christ is Healer let em all know, How they gonna believe if they don't know, He's sending you out, He's sending His word, Kick doubt and unbelief to the curb. This yo time you gotta go now, their waiting for His (fye) fire, If you don't go somebody might die, befo their time they might expy (expire). Look at yo hands say I lay these, I lay these hands on the sick, they recover and tell others of my God's righteousness. This aint just for a few, believer this for you, Mark 16:17 thru 18 is for you! God did a lot on The Cross, beat the devil up, He already did, Now you're the voice He's using, "Get yo hands up off my kids!" Go cut the arm off a squid, a lady been down, down for years, you got authority and dominion the glory His! (Bridge) Pow, pow, Pow, right now! Pow, pow, pow, right now, we go! (4x) (Chorus End)
(Chorus) They put their hands on Him, they beat His back up, could have called Daddy, had Him send back up. But He was wounded for you, and He was bruised for me, they didn't take His life, He said I choose to bleed. He said I choose to bleed. He said I choose to bleed. He said I choose to bleed. Yeah He bled for YOU. (Verse One) They beat Him fo they even put Him on The Cross, He was bleeding in the garden for the lost. Cat of Nine Tails made Him leak sauce, Crown of Thorns, missing beard from His jaw. Nailed in His hands, He was nailed in His feet, a bloody mess for our victory. Centurion ran up in Him with a spear, blood began to pour, even water had to spill. He bore our sin sickness and disease, became a curse cause they hung Him on a tree. Now we aint gotta bare what He already bore, we we're healed by His stripes and this is not a metaphor. He is The Great Physician, He is The Cure, His anointing works when yo doctor aint sure. Maybe you aint never heard, bring up the lights! There's healing in The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ! (Chorus) (Verse Two) Before Adam sinned, it wasn't even here, him and Eve had it good, they were all clear. No heart disease, no tumors, no brain injuries, sickness entered in holding hands with disease. Death, entered in through sin, he took the throne became the king of men. The rule was given to us but we gave it up then, every man born in Adam born in sin. The Last Adam in the flesh knew no sin, so sickness and disease couldn't even hold Him. He took the throne back, we got home back, receive ya healing right now He shift ya bones back. They say ya aint gonna live aint no cure for ya, well in The Name of The One that stayed pure for ya, rise up and walk, and if you're blind see, In The Name of Jesus death gotta unbind thee! (Chorus) (Verse Three) Repent from ya sin, turn from ya wickedness, you must be born again then eternally you'll kick it with, The Father and The Son, Holy Spirit, GOD, I'm speaking to a sinner, God's healing your heart. You aint even His yet, but He loves you, I see your valves getting stronger pumping blood through. I see a saint now, you had a faint flow, I see the power in your blood stream, red glow. He did it one time, aint gotta no mo, I see The Blood on The Mercy Seat, red glow. This is a Red flow, Holy Ghost words, a word of knowledge wrapped in prophecy, it's yours. believe on Him as Savior, believe on Him as Healer, believe it fo you see it, don't be leaning on your feelings. Jesus is The Savior, He's The Healer, He is not the thief He's not the one that's trying to kill ya. (Chorus End)
(Intro) - Pastor Mark Hankins [http://www.markhankins.org] (Chorus) He is The Lord that healeth thee, it doesn't matter what you feel or see, you're healed, done deal, hear know and believe His will. Nah put your hands up high! Like lightning rods in the sky! Receive a surge of the fye (fire)! You're gonna live and not die! His anointing is so strong cancer gotta go! He's cleaning up your lungs gettin stuff up out your throat! If you believe, Woo, nothing is impossible! If you believe, Woo, nothing is impossible! (Verse One) He da same Jesus, He aint change on us, same anointing broke the chains on us. We had pains on us, crutches and some canes on us, we aint have peace, satan had His fangs on us. Sick and lame, curse of The Law, but now we're blessed, anointed with His balm. Mentally we're calm, no schizophrenia, I'm speaking to your mind it is Jesus who has healed ya. We say bye-bye to bi-polar now go publish this truth, testify tell everybody you know He healed you. By faith, in His, Name, you are not the same, ya body been changed. His will be done on Earth, aint no disease up THERE (Heaven) let them big wheels go, get up out yo chair! Mo powerful than chemotherapy, a holy flare! He broke that generational curse, no abnormal cells! (Chorus) Jesus is alive and these signs are a demo! And they are only intended to point to Him though. He Himself bore, your, whatever, whatever it is named it's authority is severed! He rose again with all power, all authority! I speak the good report, I'm part of a minority. Believe in Him and you will be established this is proper, believe His prophets when we speak & you will prosper! Believe this, receive this, Healing in His will for ya if ya on the freed list. The serpent got His head crushed, He's been defeated, his tank on E, authority against us depleted. (Chorus)
Thank You 02:34


When Jesus died on the cross, He did not only take our sins. He took our sicknesses and diseases too. We don't have to bear what He already bore for us! Believe on Him as Savior. Believe on Him as Healer. Welcome to The Office!

We're very excited about this project...about the lives and bodies that will be transformed and healed as a result of God's Word going forth! While THE OFFICE is completely free to download, you do have the opportunity to give financially into the work we're doing (because we all know that free stuff costs somebody something). We believe in the power of the seed, and we know that God will honor whatever you give. Thank you for all of your support and for helping us spread God's Word through this album to as many people as possible!

FKAK! [For King And Kingdom!]



released March 7, 2012

Produced by B. Smif Productions for Warria Records. Written and performed by Mynista for Warria Records.
Mastered by John Scrip for Massive Mastering.


all rights reserved



Warria Records Saint Louis

Jesus glorifying, Word & Holy Ghost filled, prophetic rap music.

FKAK! [For King And Kingdom!]

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